Public Relations, Publicity & Copywriting Services

Public Relations, Publicity & Copywriting Services

Public Relations, Publicity & Copywriting ServicesPublic Relations, Publicity & Copywriting Services

About Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC

REGARDLESS of the size of your business or bank account, you can now launch the kind of multi-media publicity campaign that'll get your business the high visibility it needs to succeed. Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, a Multi-Award-Winning Newspaper Journalist/Editor and head of Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC, is your total, nuts-and-bolts communications specialist in preparing and executing excellent public relations programs.

Communications Consultancy 

Established in 2000 to provide entrepreneurs, macro, small, medium-sized businesses, and start-ups affordable communications solutions, Whyte-Hall Communications is a virtual international-based boutique corporate communications consultancy specializing in delivering compelling copywriting for public relations, publicity, newsletters, and blogs. 

We are expert in helping you promote and publicize your business, events

Our focus is to use practical solutions and strategies to help businesses enhance reputations, create awareness, build relationships, drive sales and incorporate proactive crisis management. Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC's number-one goal is to help you promote and publicize your business, events, or non-profit raising your image, profile, and forming strategic alliances.

We help  you exposure in radio, TV, on the Internet

While the focus is on publicity, copywriting and social media management, we will get you exposure in radio, TV, on the Internet, and steer you to the nearly limitless publicity opportunities available in both familiar and unfamiliar places you never thought to look. 

The emphasis is on getting you the professional copywriting, publicity, and social media management assistance you need on an affordable budget.


How We Got Started?

Whether you’re a small business, a consultant, or non-profit, positive word-of-mouth is critical to growth. One of the best ways to get that buzz going is through publicity and social media marketing. Our job is to help you get free media exposure with newsworthy content and social media distribution via blog, Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.! 

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